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The food was great but I would appreciate if the delivery driver didnt make me walk to the end of my driveway to pick up my order. I am physically disabled and its rude to call me multiple times and make me come to your car to get the food. What happened to ringing the doorbell and actually delivering it to the door?


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I love the Winsor Dim Sum! The food is delicious! They always deliver in a most timely and courteous way. Portions are big (soup for two feeds the two of us twice!) and they are always willing to help, for example by making a pescatarian dim sum platter. Huzzah the Winsor Dim Sum!


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The food is usually good here which is why I've ordered many times but now I'll likely order less cause the preorder, having to wait till a specific time for them to deliver. Last time I waited about 2 1/2 hours and they were still late by 30+ minutes. Not convenient anymore.


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Tasty food and a fun variety of items on the menu, but they will only provide you with one narrow thimble's worth of dipping sauce even if you order like 6 kinds of dumplings. Gotta remember to ask for more next time, but there will be a next time so there's that.


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I dont like writing reviews because I dont want more people knowing about how good a place is, because it could get busy. But I love this place. Food is great price and great quality

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